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***Game is made in Ludum Dare #31 in little less than a 48 hours***

In every war there is big chance for civilians to get killed by misguided bomb. In this game you have chance to be one of that civilians who need to dodge bombs, collect humanitarian help, and repair parts of shelter.

Rules are pretty simple, collect help, dodge bombs. For repairing shelter you'll need 10 building materials. If you want you & your family to survive next day you will have to have 4 food untill midnight.
Goal is to survive 7 days.

A, D - left & right movement;
W, S - up & down when on ladders;
Space - jump;
E - Repair;


Game Designer/Programmer/Graphic Designer: Nikola Vatazovic

GameDesigner/Music Compositor/Audio Engineer: Djordje Vatazovic

Font by Jakob Fischer / PizzaDude

***Any eventual donation will be used to make better game in the future***

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